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Apply to the NRW police all year round to become a police commissioner.

Are you a team player, able to work under pressure and a talented communicator? Then apply by October 8, 2022 to start as a police commissioner candidate with the NRW police on September 1, 2023.

The dual study program to become a police commissioner with the NRW police is divided into theoretical, training and practical sections, which will prepare you holistically for your future work. The theoretical background is provided by your studies at the NRW University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration (HSPV NRW). You will be prepared for the subsequent internships at the police authorities in training modules at the State Office for Training, Further Education and Personnel Affairs of the NRW Police (LAFP NRW).

Patrol service? Special units? Investigation service? After your studies and initial assignment, there are many opportunities to specialize in the NRW police force. Do you want to find out which areas of work there are and how to get there? Find out now at Commissioner Danger - The Podcast. 1 Live presenter Daniel Danger once again takes on the role of Commissioner Danger and travels the country with police inspector Michaela. With interesting guests, they talk about the different areas of work in the NRW police force and tell you how to get there. A new episode is released every 2 weeks on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.



Recruiting film "Your decision"

1:45 min LAFP NRW
Translated with DeepL.com (pro version)
In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110