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Record number of applicants
Record number of applicants: 11,846 young men and women want to take up dual studies with the police in 2021
The North Rhine-Westphalian police force has recorded a record number of applications for the start of studies in September 2021. Minister Reul: "I am proud that we were able to beat last year's mark once again. We are doing a lot of things right to keep the police force attractive to young people."
Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

The North Rhine-Westphalia police force has received a record number of applicants. There are 11,846 applications for the start of the course on September 1, 2021. This is 441 more than the previous record number this year. "The number of applicants is really great. I am very pleased," said Interior Minister Herbert Reul today (30.12.). "This shows that we are doing a lot of things right here to keep the police force attractive to young people." Minister Reul presented the record number together with Police Senior Councillor Frank Menger, Head of Personnel Selection and Recruitment at the North Rhine-Westphalia State Office for Training, Further Education and Personnel Affairs of the Police.

The proportion of female applicants is 34.86 percent, which is on a par with the previous year (34.98 percent). The proportion of applicants with a migration background increased continuously from 2015 (17.76%) to 2020 (26.37%). The corresponding figures are not yet available for the current application year.

"The high number of applications is a sign that the next generation is ready to take up a profession with great challenges," said Minister Reul. "Being a police officer is a meaningful profession that never gets boring. It offers many opportunities, constant development and is a service to and with people."


Applicants who pass the entrance test can expect a well-founded and varied dual course of study that leads to a Bachelor's degree in three years. Specialist theory and practice are closely interlinked.

Reul pointed out that the state has recruited 2,659 trainee commissioners this year. This represents a continuous increase in recruitment figures from 1,920 in 2016.

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